As we dive into the depths of ourselves we bounce off the cosmos that composes us, like a quantum leap that reveals the close relationship between self and otherness. Through these films, the concept of the “Self” defined by Carl Gustav Jung is invoked, which includes in the individual not only the conscious psyche, but also the unconscious, unifying the psyche as a whole and thus being the archetype central of the collective unconscious.

The navigational guides to these introspective adventures are the artists whose individual searches became visible and audible in these selected experimental artworks, where each viewer will have twelve opportunities to find some essential feature of herself or himself.
The paths to travel in this program are very diverse, as they oscillate between navigating through memory or imagination, through natural or dream worlds, between bodily sensations or wise words, between the dislocation of the individual or his/her social connection.
All aboard! Welcome to these poetic journeys towards our beings.



1h. 22min. 16s.





Mariana Jiménez Vélez y Nelson Mauricio Vásquez Gómez

There is something that stands between human beings and the world in which they live, Is it a mirror or a window? It’s a diving dress encapsulating thought. Through it, he or she returns to the places of the past, but which now belong to memory. -There- try again, but just never get anywhere -There-. Places were no longer the same and the images left from memory, were encapsulated within the diving suit forever; at that time and in that space.

2019, Colombia | 8min. 11s.





Isabella Londoño

“Diluted presents the meeting of daytime activity bathing dreaming nocturnal activity. From the photographic archive of the author,she proposes an interpretation of the space of the bathroom casting in it the dream thought structure through the encounter with water and darkness. The causal sense of daytime is diluted in the watery shower experience where the presentation of textures, landscapes and objects are placed loose, ungraspable -liquid- and evocative manner.

In Diluted converge, from one side, a linear narrative description of the entering the shower, and from the other, a group of non-sequential images that are displayed through broadcasts -or dilutions- of progressive opacity. This confluence, crossed by an aquatic environment that alters the scale of spaces, enables the convergence of the structure of thought during the vigil that happens during sleep.

The work was made from the digital assembly of analog photography. It was collected photographic archive material that was digitally scanned and assembled. The sound composition is also digital.”

2019, Colombia | 5min. 52s.


My Echo, My Shadow, and Me

Mi eco, mi sobra y yo


Roger Deutsch

“Hour by hour the ancient face of repeated
Beings changes, and hour by hour,
Thinking, we get older.
Everything passes, unknown, and the knower
Who remains knows he knows not.
But nothing, Aware or unaware, returns.
Equals, therefore, of what isn’t our equal,
Let us preserve, in the heat we remember,
The flame of the spent hour.

Ricardo Reis (Fernando Pessoa)”

2019, Hungary | 7min. 56s.




Natalia Amaya

Jhatum is a contemplative journey through a chimerical being, created as a collage from scraps of the Andes mountain range, in which some of the dynamics that arise with its inhabitants (human and non-human animals) and others that go through that giant being.

2019, Colombia | 15min. 27s.


Kada se probudim

When I wake up


Goran Nježić

“When I wake up” is a collection of melancholic dream fragments. The movie was made in an attempt to bypass the usual process of producing a movie. It was shot by the director and the actress during the 2020 quarantine using a phone which made shooting and working as a duo under all the limitations of isolation possible and much less complicated.

2020, Croatia | 8min. 8s.





Michelle Brand

People come, people go – Yet everyone is moving in the same direction. We all are sharing something that we are unaware of, creating one big picture we are unable to see. The film explores the idea of how everyone is connected in a way we may not realise. By sharing time, space and movement, we overlap and create a bigger picture.

2018, United Kingdom | 3min. 47s.



I am


Daniela Goto Uehara

Short documentary made from family archive material, comprising an intimate look at the childhoodof the director, reflecting on the body, identity and sense of (in) visibility. Adaptation of the poem “The Flounder” by José Watanabe.

2020, Perú, 5min. 3s.





Juan Walker

It is the story of a man who wakes up in unfamiliar territory; He does not know how he came to that place. And so begins to explore that space and as he does he feels he has lost everything he had, that they have takenit away. At the same time he sees the memory of the river, each of the memories for every drop of water. There are many voices mixed with the sound of the stream. No longer does he know what are his own sorrows, nor what their memories are or if theybelong to others. He wants to remember, he wants explanations and only finds more questions.

2020, Colombia | 4min. 42s.


Día 420 Cuarentena 2020

Day 420 Quarantine 2020


Germán Marín – Jessica Cruz

The world shrinks increasingly. Images of life are nothing more than a photographic file. A recount of what once was and that it will never be the same.

2020, Colombia | 2min. 42s.




Brenda Joana Arreola Hernandez

Audiovisual representation of the mind from a personal vision.

2018, México, 3min. 8s.




Guille Vázquez

A young woman seeks out someone who has entered her house when she is between sleep and vigil. Based on Henry Fuseli’s painting ‘The Nightmare’, ‘Mare’ depicts a sleep paralysis as explained by the incubus myth.

2020, Spain, 7min. 48s.


Canto del macho anciano (fragmento)


Cristián Tàpies, Roberto Oyarzún Susñar

Experimental video inspired by the eponymous poem by Chilean poet Pablo Rokha.
¨Canto¨(Chant) postulates synchrony between the vitality of the individual memory of a speaker in its various versions, and the time of the praxis of a poetic project supported in a politico-economic context amending the production of words and speeches.

2018, Chile – Argentina | 9min. 32s.