Screens are the battleground of a symbolic conflict that dates back to the beginnings of modernity. Every image that appears in them (big and small) has the potential to change the world, for better or for worse. With its multiplication, with the ubiquity of the audiovisual and with the exponential growth of the capitals associated with this industry, our society requires pieces that dispute the hegemonic, normative and industrial discourse. Today, cinema and audiovisual art become “experimental tactics of war” for activists committed to their aesthetic and political context across the planet.

We have then divided the exhibition into three concentric moments related to the place from which the discourse is produced and its area of ​​influence: “HERE”, for projects that are concerned with micro-politics, “THERE” for those who dare to look at the Regional political junctures and “BEYOND” for those who analyze global problems.

The powerful manifest images – at the local, regional and global levels – that are part of this selection, seek to be facilitating agents of important and urgent struggles and social and political changes in contemporary society.

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1h. 0min. 40s.




Victor Orozco Ramirez

My grandmother was convinced that the only animal that made the same mistake twice is the human being and I was convinced that everything can be fixed with CTRL+Z.
An essay short film about my very own Internet, a parallel world where memory loss, errors, surveillance and addiction smear everything and everyone.
Supported by: The German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media

2018, México | 7min. 45s.


El silencio ensordece

The silence deafens


Facundo Rodriguez Alonso- Agustín Brun- Sebastián Kosak

Is it possible to put into words the coldness of an image that reveals us the repression of a people? How to hear beyond the limitations of the descriptions and categories? How these images sounds?

2019, Argentina | 2min. 7s.


Transito II

Transito II


Juan Esteban Restrepo Monsalve

Transito II is an exploration through images of the urban landscape that oscillate between abstraction and figuration, exploiting gestural qualities own of video and motivated by distinct reflections since a dislocation place respect to itself and the environment.

2018, Colombia | 4min. 6s.


Transparent, the world is

Transparente, el mundo es


Yuri Muraoka

The portrait of me and my daughters which depicts the relationship between “the personality” and “the world / the society” as of 2018. This is the story about an intense dichotomy inside / outside of me. It goes back and forth between “the personality” and “the world / the society”, my daughters become social / universal existences from personal existences. The definition of “red” extends to “life” and appears as a powerless and religious Daruma doll which loses its arms and legs. “White” and “black” rise above a simple dichotomy and start to possess the concept of “gray”. And the world which is made of a mix of various colors becomes “transparent”. If you keep sticking to “the personality”, it changes to “the world”. This is my destination throughout my creative activities and shows what the world is. No dialogue.

22019, Japan | 7min. 18s.


Vídeo_Ruído_1_Corpo poético subjetivo

Vídeo_Ruído_1_Cuerpo poético subjetivo


Luiz Henrique Aveiro Lins Passsos

There will be no revolution if there is no aesthetic revolution; a poetic language composed by the global south loses its revolutionary character when flirting with a colonizing aesthetic. Visual poem from the series “NOISES”.

2020, Argentina | 38min. 20s.



Valentina Alvarado Matos

In AÍ, I propose different ways of relating with the territory. To do so, I travel through the space, explore it and display a flag on one of the mounds that make it up –a vestige of previous occupations–. The flag has a textual plot with the words country and root. The sound, an echo of these words, becomes a mantra.

2019, Venezuela | 3min. 17s.


Before the Deluge


Jean-Jacques Martinod

Within the ancient precambrian rock of northern Canada lies one of the largest reserves of Uranium on the planet. A power that has produced the greatest destructive energy known to man, it also manifests itself in the natural glory of the region. A Gothic travelogue that calls for dialogue with the ghosts of the region; mining towns swallowed up in the pandemonium of trade, extraction and abandonment. While unknown forces that inhabit these lands speaks in somber memories.

2019, Canadá/Ecuador | 38min. 40s.