Sandro Bocci

What is Time? Àpeiron (Undefined) is a contemplation of time, a concept hard to define with words which elude casual investigation about its very nature. In a progression of visual speculations the viewer experiences the unfolding of time from outside time, a place of the undefined. The film unfolds through a subjective audio-visual path, beginning from abstraction, and progressively arrives to a more human perspective of the world, for then returning back to abstraction in a cyclical journey. The cycle is a direct inspiration from an ancient philosopher, Anaximander, whose idea named the film. Àpeiron is a visual storytelling of handcrafted footage, microscopy, astrophotography, naturalistic sequences and subjective points of view that takes the viewer from an imaginary plane to a real one. The infinite dimensions on the topic of time find a convergence within the imagery of poetic language. The sequences don’t bound the viewer to a linear narration. Instead it leaves space to a plentiful of interpretations resulting from a collage of memories, experiences and visual abstractions.

2021, Italy | 64min. 22s.





Immersing us in a sea of words and images, AL LARGO brings us into contact with the experience of illnesses and suffering. Dissolving the polarity between egoism and altruism, taking care – of oneself, the other or the earth – becomes an existential gesture which, alone, seems to resist in the face of the destructive power of life.

2020, Germany | 61min. 0s.


When Forever Dies


Peet Gelderblom

When Forever Dies is the mythical tale of two star-crossed lovers torn between light and shadow, told in a torrent of archival images. Across many times and places and just as many genres, we watch a gothic romance unfold between Forever Woman and Forever Man. Their lust for life is enchanting, but “happily ever after” always eludes them. Once the lovers strike a deal with the devil to make their wildest dreams come true, their fate turns, unleashing a battle of the sexes. As archetypes devolve into stereotypes and the One grows into the Other, the greatest of lovers become the fiercest of enemies. This is how love turns into hate. Will they ever find a way back?

2020, Netherlands | 109min. 1s.