The bodies that claim the right to represent themselves use the image as a means to manifest the existence of diverse identities. This selection approaches the body as a fluid territory / landscape and navigates the skins that have served as containers for the emotions generated by violence, confinement and power. The images that we propose here reflect on decolonized genres, opening the way to liberating feminine proposals. They also go through the collective bodies that face repression and talk about intimacy, affectivity, imagination and sexuality.

These short films are divided into two functions of approximately one hour and each of them has three moments related to the expressive axes that the authors address about the body, “diversity”: an approach to race and non-binary identity, “deconstructions”: reflection processes, individual and collective, about patriarchy in the female body, “nature”: poetic essays that explore the limits between life and death.

These artworks provide, from the cinematographic experimentation, a place of expression for the micropolitics of the body and bet on the voices that have been minimized, contributing to the dialogue on biopolitics and corporality as a vehicle of being in the world.

Andrea Rodríguez



59min. 50s.




Hadi Moussally

A tribute to the Pre-raphaelite brotherhood by telling the story of some of the most famous paintings, where we can see nature taking more and more place in the art. The group’s intention was to reform art by rejecting what it considered the mechanistic approach.

2020, France | 5min. 50s.





Claudia Claremi

Sensory essay through body and sound. Composition made from the trance and the vibration of macroscopic figures seen at a millimetric distance from the skin of eight people in Cuba. Inside a black hole, rapid movements fill the void. Macroscopic corporal landscapes follow one after the other to percussion in crescendo. White skin pulsates serenely and black skin wiggles, showing a face. Bright discharges explode in the air. In a slow, swaying trance, a shining eyelid reveals and then hides a liquid eye. The swelling and contracting skin of an abdomen makes deep sounds to an unrelenting beat.

 2020, Perú | 8min. 58s.




Abhishek Samariya

The head of Tanya Wenczel tries on different IDs created by long time collaborator and overall genius Ben Dniprowskij.

2020, Australia | 2min. 7s.


Notas Adhesivas

Post it


 Verónica Abarca

Visual and written poem with excerpts from notes written in 2018 with 16 mm material filmed the same year as testers and materials that had no use whatsoever, that come together to form this nostalgic poem about the real image and projected image of a being.

2020, Chile | 3min. 47s.




Camila Andrea Lemos De Antonio

Short film by Visual Resistance. Result of the laboratory experimental period by Stephany Piedrahita in the city of Bogotá.
This film represents visually and sonically, the deconstruction carry out as an individual and collective about menstruation, lack of education about our bodies, ignorance on the part of families (and even ourselves) and the sexist and oppressive state that we acobija from birth until we die (if we do not rescue this); This audiovisual piece represents my repudiation of companies that profit from our blood, trash advertising, the misuse of language, shame imposed to our body and its nature (among other things enemil). I’m against the system and against those who are against my menstrual nature.
We continue bleeding and staining it all, continue inconveniencing.

2018, Colombia | 7min. 27s.


La mujer Imaginaria

The imaginary woman


Laura Tatiana Benavides

“Yourself will be this other woman you have never seen”. Gathering spells, poems, questions, songs and prayers, this animated poem mixes images of rejection, break-up, reflection and love.

2019, Colombia | 12min. 4s.


Uphold (from below)


Cherie Sampson

This video-performance was created at the site of a large, half-alive cottonwood tree in a woodland near the Mississippi River in the American Midwest. The tree had been struck by lightning several years prior to making this work and weathered the storm. In June 2017, when this was shot, I had recently completed my last round of chemotherapy after a diagnosis of breast cancer earlier that year. The video is comprised of footage shot just days before my body was forever altered by surgery. It was the last opportunity to create a site-based piece with body in the landscape as I had known and worked with throughout my life as an artist and a woman. Multiple superimpositions of the figure appear, including a momentary image of the post-surgical body shot later, representing different states of process and being.

2019, United States | 16min. 2s.