Colombian audiovisual experimentation is booming and the exhibition shows the highlights that artists have been developing, stimulated by global events such as the pandemic, police repression, and the awakening of consciousness to the understanding of the other and their bodies, it is clear the maturity that is developing in Colombian artists who create bridges between the world of film production and other artistic expressions.

It is a privilege for the festival to screen these works that have an exciting balance in their experimental search, their concepts, their discourses and their technical workmanship, that is why we present this dizzying exhibition that will take us to spaces where sensations are mixed together allowing us to expand our ideas about audiovisual art.

Ivan Aristizabal




Método para un retrato

Method for a portrait


Daniela Jiménez Guzmán

By the time I met two years of living there I started to see her through a lens. After having inhabited another nine apartments, how to record the one that felt my house?

2019, Colombia | 4:32.


Deep Blue

Azul profundo


Sebastian Wiedemann

Springs and Apneas between Worlds to resist and re-exist the pandemic.

2020, Colombia, 7min. 45s.





Daniel Cortés

Today in Colombia, the last peace agreement shatters to pieces and violence takes over the country. Two films shot in 1984, lost for more than thirty years, come to light together. 84 drags the viewer between fiction and documentary through this cursed reels, into a divided country, between cities and countryside, condemned by a dark omen of repetition

2020, Colombia, 13min. 22s.


Wendy o las ventajas de soñar en presente

Wendy or the perks of dreaming in the present


Piero Enrique Ferrari Cortés

Wendy the dog is sleeping. In her dreams she walks through times, spaces and memories from her daily life while she persuits a red ball that always seems to avoid her. By the end, after she sees, listens, sniffs, feels and wonders, she simply embraces the sweet act of existing.

2021, Colombia, 14min. 55s.





Los Ex Colectivo

Using archive footage, Redemption superimposes, intercalates, shifts and remixes a video collection where demonstrations, war bombings, industrial production, agricultural work, royal gardens, natural processes, supermarkets and gun shops illustrate the crossroads between life and death to which the search of Eden subjects us.

Redemption emerges after an unexpected call that the authors received where Armageddon is explained to them. The definition of this phenomenon gives an account of the historical processes that human beings have undertaken at the mercy of the idea of ​​a garden where there is life without death, perfection without effort and thought without opposition. The inhabitant of this Garden of Eden amnesties himself from all guilt and, in consequence, lives redempted in a free market where commodities are clean of all sin and evil for its immediate consumption.

2020, Colombia, 18min. 45s.


Inicios Exquisitos

Exquisite Beginnings


Ricardo Pinzón

A visual rhythmic essay on Colombia that touches us.

2019, Colombia, 4min. 45s. .





Huaira Paloma Lizarralde

Vulvas, as their name indicated is a visual trip through the folds, shapes, volumes and body fluids. Bodies with Vulvas tired of living in the fear, silence, and taboo of being themselves. Vulvas which will be more than the physical categorization.
This short film is to celebrate the Vulvas body, their beautiful and incalculable differences, body fluids that we are made of; shaking fears and taboos that in our Vulvas, in our ‘Cuerpas’ they have wanted to deposit. Thus, Vulvas wants to figure out a visual-sound with no fear, by the contrary: with admiration.
Was realized in: ‘Maestría de Documental de creación de la Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV de San Antonio de los Baños, cohorte 2019’

2019, Colombia, 9min. 8s.


Je suis Paula

Je suis Paula


Nelson Rodríguez Tequia

Babette adopted by a French family, decides to return to her homeland, Colombia, in search of her roots and her family history. With the help of his Grandfather Abraham, a 90-year-old man with Alzheimer’s disease, he discovers a past full of violence and the reason why he had to be given up for adoption and the fate of his parents, militants in the exterminated political party Unión Patriótica.

2020, Colombia, 23min. 28s.


Totem song

Canción tótem


Walter Escamilla

Totem Song is an experimental documentary film about street musicians in Europe. It parts from the idea of building an audiovisual mash-up combining and remixing different styles of beats, melodies, sounds and images that were recorded over my first trip to Europe in 2018. Here, totem is rhythm and melody. Totem are the patterns that people create over sound and movement while exploring the streets and holy places. As a visitor, for me these patterns represent the ritual of exposing oneself to European culture, absorbing all the richness in form and the infinite flow of human expression.

2020, Colombia, 4min. 25s.

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