AUGUST 19TH TO 31ST, 2020


How to get access to the Online Festival 2020?

To access the events, the Official Selection and the invited screenings, you have the following options to get your BtaExp20 Subscription that will allow you watch the content until September 30th.

Contribute to our Crowdfunding

Choose one of our plans to support our cause and get one or more festival subscriptions and other rewards.

Get your subscription directly

Visit our space to buy your subscription through various payment methods: Cash, Paypal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer…

Request a Free Subscription

We will provide free subscriptions for different people of the experimental cinema movement: Press, Production Companies, Schools, Universities, Museums, Galleries, Distributors, Public Institutions, Festivals and Selected Artists.
(2 acreditations per company or organization).


Worldwide societies are going through an evident social, cultural, and political metamorphosis. Individuals and peoples seem to be transformed into subjects that voice their concerns and rise up against authority figures, specific powers, unfair systems, and the establishment. There is a collective rebellion against what crushes, controls, normalizes, and reduces societies. Peoples around the world are emancipating themselves from normative and standardized ways of living, feeling, doing, or thinking; there is a contagious feeling of rebellion floating in the environment of this planet. Uprisings have come about today as answers to situations that until a few years ago were bearable or, in some cases, hardly visible. This collective uprising produces and reveals “images” motivated by the desire and curiosity to become manifest.
We consider of great importance the creation of a space for reflection/exhibition of these experimental audiovisual artworks generated in a convulsive aesthetic-political scenario; therefore was made a special call to the creators who, consistent and integrated with this moment of emotion and agitation, give “free birth” to their work submerged in this context.
“We believe that the experimental cinema of the world is authentic, radical, purposeful and evokes freedom”.
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