Water, mountains, animals, make up the fateful universe of human self-destruction. The human fragility before the immensity of nature and the effects of the hand of man in nature, a look through the non-obvious, the body’s sensors are invaded by the sounds of water, wind, eternal nature, undaunted, solitary.

Textures, movements, shapes and colors are transformed in the reinterpretation of the image. What kind of narratives are unveiled in the abstract?, inescapable forms of contemporary audiovisual, powerful and loaded with technical, aesthetic and participatory modes, which transcend in the form of transmission and interaction with the viewer.

The path towards the exploration of new images in different formats, allows the enjoyment of the lived, experiential and sensory, is the component, the living flesh, the constant search for new languages and forms of audiovisual use.



1h 32min 56s





Gabriel Torres Morandi

Epiphany is a video-art in which the body, nature and metaphors form a visual, sound and poetic story. Our artists are shamans, sorcerers, healers, alchemists, contemporary researchers of the cities, using the wisdom and power of the body manage to expand the states of consciousness, elevate the spirit. May he look back upon us and expand the richness of our existence. A tribute to the teachers Juan Carlos Linares, Carolina Avendaño and Karl Bertelsen in dedication to the philosopher and writer Jonuel Brigue. Epiphany.

2020, Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of | 13min. 42s.


El pasado es impredecible

Past is unpredictable


Leonardo Gracés

FACTS, PHENOMENA AND BEINGS IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE: 2 Landslides, 1 Earthquake, 1 Dust cloud, 3 Tornadoes, 1 Newscast, 2 Meteorites, 1 UFO sighting, 1 Crater of Darvaza, 2 Car traffic jams, 1 Black friday, 1 Hajj pilgrimage, 2 Flocks, 2 Unicellular organisms, 1 Embryonic development of an Alpine Triton, 1 Slaughter of pigs in China, 1 Plane falling, 1 Bus crash, 2 Rays, 1 Tsunami, 1 Attack on the Twin Towers, 1 Rare Cloud, 1 Lamprey.

2020, Argentina | 2min. 47s.



The water source



Water from Titicaca and the Chili River, water like earth blood, as the protagonist of myths, legends and struggles. This film is the re-interpretation of an emotional super 8 film made in a collaborative way, which shows from a different perspective a social problem where the yakumama (water) is the protagonist.

2019, Peru | 3min. 5s.




Martin McNally

Made in response to the Birmingham Museums and Art Galleries online digital collection.

2020, United Kingdom | 5min. 26s.


Migración climática

Climatic Migration


Tibor de laminne de bex

Climatic migration is a short film in which the protagonist language will be dance. It is about alternative mechanisms for the process of integration.

2020, Spain | 11min. 0s.


Ud over



Simone Wierød

BEYOND is the aesthetic response to one of humankind’s current strategies to handle a global pandemic. Removing oneself from civilization and detaching from whatever does not serve us anymore. Exploring new truths and roads to inner peace seem to be the only way to rise above collective anxiety. The film presents a number of absurd and surreal tableaus – a human beings’ awkward attempts on connecting with nature to only find herself more alienated than before. The lack of movement, the abstract non-moving dance, creates an interaction between inner and external motions. Like someone said: When you cannot go outside – go inside.


2020, Denmark | 3min. 38s.




Laura Kraning

“FRACTURE” mines the slips between stillness and motion, as cracks and fissures of bark and stone are spliced and layered, frame by frame, intersecting slices of time. Single frames were gathered from two years of walks across unfamiliar terrain, through the forests and suburban landscapes of Western New York, where the scarred surfaces of trees and stratified rock collide with slabs of marble and clusters of moss, as the images crystallize into a flickering mirage of radiating tree limbs and splintered veins of iridescence.

2020, United States | 4min. 0s.




Sylvia Eckermann, Gerald Nestler

“Alles hat Grenzen, NUR DER MONDFISCH NICHT” is an environmental film musical, in which nature acts and speaks in a diversity of voices. Surfacing evocatively from micro- and macrocosmic layers, she resonates with water as the source of life and resounds as exploited resource. She echoes from the trenches of an inverted world and speaks out as a human being. Reverberating through ecological-cultural depths, images, sounds and associations push to light, giving shape to a vision of humanity being in tune with nature.

2021, Austria | 30min. 0s.


Nuestra naturaleza ya está muerta

Our nature is already dead


Paula Pérez Toro

Experimental composition from some records of the clandestine / everyday environment of the quarantine in the city. We hide in hills, industries and hamlets, the ugly places in the city that no one cares about and where the police will not look for us. Our nature is already dead but our spirit manifests itself and always seeks escape, everywhere.

1900, Chile | 1min. 40s.


La verónica (sangre de toro)


Antonia Hollmann

Veronica, -vera -icon, the real image. It is the matron of the image, which holds the image of Christ on the canvas. In bullfighting is the red fabric that cheats the bull. Death by deception, real image. This edition of Found Footage Images (an old Super 8 reel that registers a village bullfight) blinds. The saturation of images anesthesiates. The images of violence get us used to it and insensitate us.


2020, Colombia | 2min. 38s.


L’eau Faux


Serge onnen, Sverre Fredriksen

There is friction in the water. An entity of nature, constantly manipulated. Something happened, when water became a ‘thing’ that you can buy in a bottle… L’eau Faux (2020) is an experimental film with animation, puppeteering and actors. Created by Serge Onnen & Sverre Fredriksen.

2020, Netherlands | 15min. 0s.