The artworks that make up this selection of the festival revolve around possible representations, evocations and resonances, generated by images and sounds that challenge fundamental aspects of individual, family or collective memories, tracing links with the past in relation to various social contexts.

Aspects of creation, such as working with the materiality of the image, animation, the analog film, the digital image and, of course, the archive, manage to establish a type of cinema close to experimental praxis with various authorial bets, which travel through the codes of the self-portrait, the newspaper, the audiovisual essay and the documentary, questioning what we refer to when we speak of «Memory Image».




1h. 11min.





Małgorzata Bosek-Serafinska

The film is dedicated to the memory of Marek Serafinski, an animation filmmaker and producer, privately the director’s husband. It is a graphic and sound diary created from everyday life paper waste: labels, tickets etc. and cigarette packages of one chain smoker, accumulated by one collector within six years. It shows the degree of addiction, determination and a kind of addiction of the collector as well as a passage of time in that strange symbiosis of their shared life.

2018, Poland | 11min. 40s.




Aaron Zeghers

“There is history behind it and the history becomes the story and the story becomes the pattern and the pattern becomes rigidity.” It’s stories that we tell ourselves that make us, create and destroy us, immortalize and misrepresent us, damn us. Through three successive generations, reflections of reality are dusted off, and presented as remaining fragments, archived via digital and analog processes. Fleeting thoughts on familial history, narrative traditions, human perception and “the story” from known and unknown sources. Here for now, gone later.

2019, Canada | 10min.





Eglė Mameniškytė

Combing is a meditative act leading to contemplation and introspection. It is an animated self-portrait sculpted in motion and time about memory and relationship with the other. Hair becomes a symbolic thread that connects past and present, memories and the current father-daughter relationship.

2019, Lithuania | 5min. 11s.


Cartas inconclusas no enviadas en dedicatoria a mi amor

Unfinished letters not sent in dedication to my love


Stiven Julián Álvarez

“Cartas inconclusas no enviadas en dedicatoria a mi amor” (Unfinished letters not sent in dedication to my love) is an expanded documentary essay in which I analyze a diary written by my mother during the relationship she had with my father before my birth. This work reflects through the juxtaposition of the image written with the moving image, like a collage, which seeks to understand the behavior of memory after the time seems to have ditched the feelings that one day my mother deposited in the dairy.

2019, Colombia | 14min. 55s.




Jorge Moneo Quintana

The personal stories of Uncle, Father and Son make up a tragic experience played out along a line etched in time. This line seems like a crease in the family album but also a crack in the walls of the Family Home, an open gash in the side of the Mountain and a scar on the town’s collective imagination, where the idea of salvation finds its tragic destiny in the political struggle. What lies at the end of this line? Will old war songs be enough to circumvent that destiny?

2019, Spain | 29min. 14s.