The twelve films for this selection are suitable for an assiduous observer who goes in search of other experiences with cinema time and its possible transformations. The landscapes and city spaces are here the center of experimentation, being accompanied by musical rhythms, fragmentation of images, different uses of color or black and white, as well as the exploration of textures, shapes, the use of light or those atmospheres achieved by a sonic emphasis.
In this program, it is also possible to see and feel the relationships between man and nature, their balance, transformation or acceptance of change, while mixing creative perspectives that invite tranquility, imagination, or pure entertainment, accepting that everything can be possible under other types of universes.



1h. 57min. 48s.


Porto Landscape


Michael Lyons

Light, time, and landscape in Porto, August 2016. Filmed during the massive forest fires in Northern Portugal, a thick pall of smoke has gathered ominously over the Douro river.

2018, Japan | 5min. 48s.


Andrò a ritroso della nostra corsa

I will go backwards of our path


Mattia Biondi

“Andrò a ritroso della nostra corsa” is a backwards journey through the seasons and the units of the language. To change the prose of the world, its intact clock. There is always a place more thoroughly, lost images in minimum intervals.

2019, Italy | 2min. 50s.




Kathryn Ramey

threshold. between two states of being. the boundary of perception.

2019, United States | 12min. 6s.




Adriana Marcela Rojas Espitia/AMREC

Birds dance in the air while looking for traces of debris that fishermen have thrown to the sea; in the port of Cartagena, ships and boats stand lying static at the end of the afternoon. Some fishermen end the day mending their nets. Weaving and wait for nightfall to begin again, the other day, a new dawn.

2019, Colombia | 14min. 5s.


Crónicas del subsuelo

Chronicles of the Underground


Daniel Noreña

Chronicles of the Underground is a sensory portrait and a formal exploration of the space-time in Mexico City’s subway system.

2019, México | 10min. 39s.


Spregledani razgledi

Phoney Sights


Ana Čigon

A reflection of contemporary society through modified moving images. A satiric critique of the current social and political changes that are happening in Slovenia, in Europe and in the World aesthetically explored through (de)formation of landscapes and cityscapes. Phony Sights considers social and political issues and even science when searching for an answer to the questions: Where are we? and Where are we going?


2019, Slovenia | 19min. 10s.


Olhar Espelhar

Mirroring Eye


Mateus Rosa Silva

A travel to the nature, in search of the knowledge and the connection with Mother Earth. An experimental film shot in super 8 mm (single shot).

2015, Brasil | 3min. 20s.




Rocio Mesa

The land gives. The land traps. The land calls. VEGA (*Spanish): flat, low and fertile land. VEGA: It is the fifth brightest star in the night sky, and the second-brightest star in the northern celestial hemisphere, after Arcturus.

2020, Spain | 2min. 8s.


Las puertas de la percepción

The Doors of Perception


Camila García

“Dare to open the doors that others choose to pass by” Goethe

Doors Mexico City, Bogotá, Mompox and Sopó. William Blake poems, microrrelatos Luis Vidales, Luisa Valenzuela and Camila Garcia and a poem by Paul Muldoon. Audiovisual Movement official sample selection, Guadalajara, Mexico, 2018. Official Selection Sweetest Ovary, Hidalgo, Mexico, 2018. Official Selection Experiments in Cinema v14.2, USA, 2019.

2020, Colombia | 3min. 58s.


To forget


Lydia Nsiah

“to forget” (or “to get”) is a filmic journey on the potentialities of forgetting and its resemblance to remembering. Recorded on expired Super-8 and 16mm-film only, forgetting becomes productive and ‘visible’ in non-existing, fading and colour-transformed film exposures. This (non-)documentation of possibly empty and fading spaces (to be) is further highlighted by Jejuno’s trance-like and uncanny sound composition: The abyss is present.

2019, Austria | 17min.




Noemi Osselaer

Surrounded by the sound of nocturnal animals, a girl falls into a deep sleep. Gradually we are drawn into her dream, which unfolds into a cosmic journey through the meadows of Erpe-Mere, a rural community in Belgium.

2019, Belgium | 20min. 44s.




Wenhua Shi

Wenhua took on a radical use of single frame image capture and examines his strange and familiar hometown in China, which he has been away from for nearly two decades. The film title comes from postwar Japanese avant garde artist group Gu-Tai. The kanji ( Chinese) used to write ‘gu’ means tool, measure, or a way of doing something, while ‘tai’ means body. The film is the result of intense looking and seeing what might not be there.

2019, China | 6min.