The act of existing has questioned us for centuries. The human race has insisted on making sense of the modes, goals or inevitable destinies of its own existence.
These 10 audiovisual exhalations, which we launch to you very close so that you can feel them, carry the imagination and intimacy of each director, who delve, from an experimental and multi-technical audiovisual, into the question of being.
But we know that this question is not simple, on the contrary, it is a broad and complex question that speaks in this sample of desire, of consciousness, of time, of the universe, of others, of loneliness, of society, of roles, of images, of anxiety, of depression, of the body, of fears, of the flesh, of poetry, of identity, of representation and even of the simulacrum that existing could be.
Let us then enter the poetic worlds and the visions of 10 artists from Japan, Hong Kong, Mexico, Chile, Lebanon, Germany, Colombia, Brazil, Portugal, Costa Rica and Argentina who share with us their way of being in the world.



1h. 37min. 17s.


El Buitre

The Vulture


Santiago Colombo Migliorero

Around 1917 Kafka wrote a note in his diary: “Somebody pulled my clothes, but I shook him off”. Some years later, in his short story “The vulture”, fate looks inevitable and it is not possible to escape from the torment. A vulture hacks the feet of the main character, who resigned, accepts passively this inevitable destiny.

2021, Argentina | 2min. 36s.





Enma Brenes

When home alone on a dark and rainy day, Mary opens up a box that sparks a struggle between her desires, the passing of time, and her role as a housewife.

2021, Costa Rica | 8min. 0s.


Danse du ventre Vogue

Bellydance Vogue


Hadi Moussally

“My birthday was on the 3rd of April 2020 during lockdown, and for the first time, I celebrated it all by myself. But even if I was alone, I decided to celebrate it as if it’s the last one” The film was made during quarantine.

2020, Lebanon | 5min. 0s.


Benito Moreno, pasajero permanente

Benito Moreno, permanent passenger


Matias A. Donoso

Benito Moreno joins the list of street characters that flood Santiago de Chile. The identity of the poet merges into the audiovisual support of a Photonovela.

2021, Chile | 8min. 22s.



Localized Blindness


Yan Wai Yin

Constructed in the form of an eye test/observational diagnosis, Localized Blindness is an semi-autobiographical video that documents several internal monologues: What is left after the passing of an individual? It’s between me – an individual who witnessed consecutive passings; another me – an observational being who observed the changes of my accompany and the surrounding; and the other voices, all that echo the distance between the subject and the outsider. Will scientific texts ever allow imaginative expressions, in tooth brushing demonstration, for instance, or in medication guidelines? How to articulate a sense of tension without directly illustrating muscle contractions? By listening to the conditions explained by patients with different eye diseases, I listened to their descriptions towards changes in their sensitivity towards light, the progressive loss of vision, and some general misunderstandings, I then set the base tone of the diagnosis with reference to The Eyes of Clérambault, a book where Gaëtan wrote about the surgical procedures and the recovery, also about himself as first being a doctor, then a patient. Most footage was taken ages ago, among those include intimate photos, travel images, and some quotidian fragments: the sky, the roads, the landscapes, I deliberately avoid human faces, many images have been overly enlarged. This is one way for me to hoard metaphors. There were countless days where I escaped into books. Flipping through Roland Barthes’ Mourning Diary and Lee Chi Leung’s A Room Without Myself, I read about the suffering of Barthes on the same date back then in 1977/1988, that I treated text as a kind of temporary harmless anesthetic. I covered my own wounds with different portals: Io, Argos’ eyes and the peacock, the sapphire eyes of Happy Prince and the little swallow. I borrowed the lines on their loss of identity, relationship, existence, and memory by the time when their eyes were taken away. There, I sealed my images.

2019, Hong Kong | 19min. 45s.


Filme de Quarto

Room Film


Raffaella Rosset

In an emptied apartment in the center of São Paulo, a woman shares a room with a film projector and an image. Meanwhile, an infiltration threatens the apartment.


2020, Brazil | 15min. 30s.


El ente-manta

The entity of no face


James Hagrid

Each person had a dark side that is not usually comfortable showing to the world, it represents the most hide desires of our soul that normally we are not able to reach, the been of no face represents that oppressed desires and all that horrible feelings that could lead us to a miserable life. This short film is the second part of the project “The Grief” from the same author.

2019, Mexico | 3min. 15s.





Sofía García Holguín

This experimental short film reflects the feeling of living with anxiety and depression and how these diseases can be calmed temporarily with the consumption of psychotropic drugs. “Memories of a sunny day full of pain, a day where all seemed to be unknown, even my body. My body expelled everything it ingested as if it was cleaning itself… or dying. My mind was restless, couldn’t stop thinking, didn’t let my body rest, everything was incomprehensible. But then the peace and calm came along.” Sofía García.

1900, Colombia | 5min. 31s.


Astro Gêmeo

Celestial Twin


Chana de Moura

Celestial Twin is a fictional narrative that explores the potentialities of a speculative, non-anthropocentric reality. When a new celestial body appears in the universe, a remaining post-collapse community promptly sends the scientific research group known as Cosmovisionary Women to explore it. In addition to envisioning a world “after the end of the world”, Celestial Twin seeks to highlight the delicate balance of biochemical circumstances that made possible the evolution of terrestrial life forms. Planet Earth, in this sense, is seen as a shelter against cosmic hostility. Furthermore, the narrative subtly questions the narcissistic character of many contemporary civilizations, in which the human race usually figures in the center, unquestionably.

2021, Portugal | 12min. 42s.


Ein Wesen

294 notes (directors cut)


Julie Gaston

294 notes – taken from an anomymous online survey where people were asked about personal fears. It shows the subjective sensation of anxiety in its different dimensions and absurd proportions. Experimental documentary. Directors Cut from ‘a cloud on fire’.


2021, Germany | 5min. 0s.


Transparente, soy.

Transparent, I am.


Yuri Muraoka

In the year of 2020 when the world was forced to “change”, I wanted to confirm what changed and what did not change in me and wrote a poem “Transparent, I am.”. This film is based on it. The white mask I wore became the screen projected my past. My family are sometimes hurt and suffer, but support me who suffers from schizophrenia. Nonoho, Yuri, Nemu and Hana. The four of us live today to the fullest while looking for the answer to “Who are we?” This film is Essay Film.

2020, Japan | 11min. 36s.