In the cosmos of experimentation there is a common singularity and it is the game between language and technique, a game that is always in search of exploring to the limit the conception of an idea through new creative processes that lead to the unexpected. in a visual and sound symbiosis. Those ideas that immerse the viewer in a liberating and unconditional journey through abstract atmospheres, free narratives or surreal animations are the basis of this program.

There were 21 selected short films divided into two screenings, most of them from the American continent, mainly Canada, Mexico and Colombia. The works presented contain a great technical and conceptual variety, some of them are made without a camera, others are animations with remarkable stylistic versatility or tributes to people who preserve the memory of cinema.

This program is a compendium of light exercises that evoke a reflection on our existence and transport us to scenarios beyond logic.

Julián Camelo Mateus



1h. 27min. 22s.


The Gods Of Tiny Things


Deborah Kelly

The Gods of Tiny Things is a collaborative collage animation work emerging from a commission for Bundanon’s Siteworks Festival. Produced through a residential workshop at the Riversdale Education Centre, the imagery, musical composition and soundscape design were devised to reflect upon the imperilled lives on a climate-changing planet. The Gods of Tiny Things speculates upon parthenogenetic, queer insurrection.

2019, Australia, 5min. 22s.


Un Rumor Bajo la Tierra

A Murmur Underground


Quetzal Contla, Eric Reyes-Lamothe

“A Murmur Underground” also knowledge as “Un Rumor Bajo la Tierra” focuses on emotions and human sensitivity to an event of terrible and uncontrollable beauty as it was the earthquake of September 7, 2017, severely damaged thousands of villages in Oaxaca and Chiapas, mainly in the Istmo of Tehuantepec, Mexico.

2019, México, 9min. 31s.


Dead See


Tetsuya Maruyama

“Through the eyes of the dead, the imaginary of the land is revived in the passage of light.” A short film made with local plants and flowers during the carnaval 2020 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Developed with vitamin-c/sodium carbonate mix and fixed with salt water for 4 days. After the fix, the film wasn’t washed so the salt formation started to appear on the emulsion and eventually edited digitally.

2020, Haiti, 1min. 30s.





Diana Sánchez

A hand-made film about digitalization, material, family photography, and memory. The flipping of a photo album; an attempt to remember moments; organize memories we never lived but have been perceived thorough photographic evidence. A putrid color of decay, intangible digital memories and the idea of preserving home materials of a deceased is the movement in this film.

2019, México, 2min.




José Miguel Barriga

Formalist videoclip that seeks to explore textures, colors and shapes, all coming from a single catalog of markers. The concept of the videoclip is the destruction of order and symmetry of the collecting impulse, through the meticulous exploration of the real material that constitutes it. The technique consists of digital animation, mixed with capture of scanned material in macro.

2020, Chile, 3min. 37s.


Como Y Porque Se Ha Esfumado Don Jose

How And Why Don Jose Dissipated


Moshe Ben-Avraham

A delighted bee disturbs the tranquility of vacationers on a quiet pastoral island. Disturbing Don Jose in the middle of a relaxing gaze, he spits at her and she falls into his drink. Attempting to save her from drowning, Don Jose becomes emotionally attached to the bee. When the bee is suddenly devoured by a duck, Don Jose starts his pursuit of the duck, embarking on a chase of logic and a surrealistic journey into the depths of his consciousness.

2018, Spain, 12min. 38s..


Donde Nació

Where he was born


Laura Fong Prosper

“Where was born” is a creative documentary about the search for my roots in China and finding the house where my grandfather was born .. The content of the film is quite diverse and is about about the time I spent in China from 2011 to 2012. In this film I touch on issues of life, death and identity. Always being a foreigner, even in my hometown, I was never connected to any place or culture. I was always everything and nothing at the same time. Now, after this experience, I finally begin to understand who I am and where I come from.

2020, Panamá, 25min. 31s.


Prima Luce


Richard Ashrowan

A personal study in vanishing and appearing, through Italian light and some birdwatching. Acts of recording, things fleetingly seen and felt, while inscribing the corpus-anima in sunlight through refracting glass and water, and multiple exposures. The work draws on Marsilio Ficino’s 1494 book on sunlight, De Sole, in which he says “light penetrates into the innermost parts of things, but it mixes with none of them… nothing is clearer, nor more obscure”. I was also thinking of Jacques Derrida’s assertion that all photographs are of the sun.

2020, United Kingdom, 9min. 11s.


¿De Quién Son Estos Cuadros?

Whose Boards Are These?


Camilo Martin-Florez

WHOSE BOARDS ARE THESE? is an audiovisual comic made with found-footage from 1896 and 1920. This is a film that employs the formal principles of a comic book to underline the naïve, joyful and ludic content of the film, that contains a belligerent ending.

2020, Colombia, 7min. 10s.


Bookanima: Andy Warhol


Shon Kim

BOOKANIMA, a compound word of ‘Book’ and ‘Anima’, is Experimental Animation project to give new cinematic life to book. It aims to create ‘Book Cinema’ in the third scope between Book and Cinema by Chronophotography Animation, paying homage for Edward Muybridge and Entienne Jules-Marey. BOOKANIMA experiments Chronophotography Animation about Andy Warhol.

2019, Republic of Korea, 4min. 48s.


Self Portrait with Bag


Dianna Barrie

A camera-less portrait of the artist. Super 8 cartridges placed inside a black cotton bag, the film advanced via a hand crank. The tiny gaps in the fabric weave make for dozens (hundreds? thousands?) of tiny pinhole lenses.

2020, Australia, 6min. 5s.